Friday, August 13, 2010

usagi tsukino ★ sailor moon

sorry, another ugly picture y-y and simple outfit...

i dressed with sailor moon in mind

haha you can see my pink petticoat peeping out above my blue one .3. oops
also, hm, i find that whenever i take pictures, the shadow of my skirt or something makes me legs look a million times darker than the rest of me .__. i swear, i'm all the same color XD i don't tan just my legs! (well, i don't tan at all... x-x but...)

i would have worn white tights under my shooting star OTKs but it's waaayyyy too hot for that u-u can't wait for fall...

anyway... marine parka, lyrical bunny bag, milky planet OTKs (which tend to go down onto my knee because i'm sososo tall XDDD ergh), tea party heels, bodyline petticoats