Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2nd hand reeboks GET

omg my 2nd hand reeboks arrived~
whoo! they're so adorable *w*
and it's good that i got them because they have support and none of my other shoes do... haha...
it'd be bad if i started to lose the arch of my feet...
anyway i've been wanting these for aaages, and well reeboks are a must for spank! style anyway so i definitely needed a pair... they're so cuuuute~ i plan on gettin a pair of the orchid milkfed reeboks some day, but i don't have the money right now and they're not in stock in my size anywhere right now anyway... and i need to buy chocomint accessories and angelic pretty teaparty shoes before the orders fill up too... so yeah okay ANYWAY~

beautiful picture, i know. and lol at totoro chillin' in the back.

oh and just yesterday i was thinking how it's about time another pokemon generation was released, because one comes out about every 3 years, and then today i saw information about pokemon gen. 5 coming out before the end of this year... and there was a preview of 2 of the generation 5 pokemon. check them out on serebii.net

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