Tuesday, February 23, 2010

outfit + pupegirl

today i finally got to wear my strawberry bag & my miracle candy socks qwq
should've taken this picture with my camera instead of my cell phone... this picture is so bad u__u;; this outfit looked much much cuter in real life haha
god i always end up wearing black somehow XD i need to get more hoodies and stuff to go with my 8 trillion petticoats o3o;;

bag - bodyline
shoes & skirt - forever21
socks - secret shop
necklace - claire's
sweatshirt - it's my boyfriend's~ :3 from aeropostale

oh and because i got my pupegirl back, here are some pictures :3
feb 20th - feb 22nd


  1. i love the strawberry bag from bodyline!
    i want it but in red!
    *__* all the thins u have are so cute!